Custom Design

Huntington Custom

We love making custom pieces almost as much as you’ll love wearing them. Whether it be completely from scratch or giving your old jewelry a new life, we love making jewelry dreams a reality. The process of creating the jewelry you desire starts here.

Steps to a Custom Piece

Step 1

Discuss what foundation we are starting with. We will determine whether we’re starting the process completely from scratch, using scrap metals, or creating something new from older pieces in your collection.

Step 2

Next we begin designing the piece of your dreams. We strive to make the idea in your head become reality. We use a computer aided design (CAD) to perfect the sketch.

Step 3

The customer returns to view the design and make any changes as they see fit. Following the changes, the customer will approve the design to move to the next step.

Step 4

We create a wax mold of the digital design to ensure the sizing and appearance of the piece works physically as well.

Step 5

Once the mold is approved, we figure out the pricing of the type of metal, stones, and other details needed to complete the piece.

Step 6

We cast the metal, set the stones, and make any other finishing touches.

Step 7

You take home a beautiful, custom piece!

Want to go custom? Make an appointment

Whether you’re interested in a custom designed piece or want to browse our gorgeous collection of products, our staff will offer you exceptional service and ensure a positive jewelry buying experience. Send us a message or give us a call today!