Top 5 Ruby Alternatives for the Thrifty Spender

Ruby Photo courtesy of Robert Dery Gem Design

Ruby, known for its deep red color, acts as one of the most sought after gems throughout history, according to the Gem Institute of America. With its high ranking comes an even higher price. This red stone ranks as the most valuable variety of its mineral species, justifying its high pricing. While rubies represent love and success due to their color and value, dupes with a similar color and a fraction of the cost can be found all throughout the gem world. 

Ruby Photo courtesy of Robert Dery Gem Design

Lucky for you, Huntington’s owner, JennyO, compiled a list of her top five ruby alternatives for those of us who want the look of a ruby without the cost.

1. Rhodolite Garnet 

Price: $$$$$

Rhodolite Photo courtesy of Robert Dery Gem Design

This stone can come in a few different shades of red, mimicking that of rubies. The best and most sought after color is that of raspberry-red, according to Garnet is far more affordable than ruby, yet holds the same intensity of color. This stone also acts as an aid in success, specifically in business, while increasing your self-love and confidence. With similar spiritual benefits and color as rubies, rhodolite garnets make for a great, affordable alternative in your jewelry. 

2.  Pyrope Garnet

Price: $$$$$

Pyrope Photo courtesy of Robert Dery Gem Design

Another stunningly vibrant red gem from the garnet family makes the list. Its deep red color comes from concentration of the elements magnesium and aluminum within its makeup. According to, as with most of the other stones on this list, pyrope garnet helps promote confidence, while increasing warmth and gentleness in one’s life. Pyrope acts as another great alternative to ruby if you’re looking for a less pricey, vibrant red stone. 

3. Rubellite tourmaline

Price: $$$$$

Rubellite Photo courtesy of Robert Dery Gem Design

This stone gained its name due to its high saturation of pinkish and red tones. As a member of the tourmaline family, which holds a wide variety of colorful stones, the title of rubellite is only given to stones with the most vivid shades of red and pink. From the name alone, anyone can tell this stone acts as a perfect supplement for ruby. Both stones hold such deep and vivid color, looking great placed in any item of jewelry. On top of beautiful color, tourmalines are said to help boost self confidence and ease the body and mind

4. Malaya Garnet

Price: $$$$$

Malaya Photo courtesy of Robert Dery Gem Design

Once a bit of an outcast, the malaya garnet gained popularity and recognition in the 1970s . This stone holds a complicated mineral makeup which once made it hard to determine which gem family it belonged to. Regardless, its orangey-red color represents love, just as that of ruby, and its garnet relation promotes business success. Malaya garnet proves itself as another spiritual and colorful match up with ruby on our list. 

5. Red spinel

Price: $$$$$

Red Spinel Photo courtesy of Robert Dery Gem Design

Easy to mistake with the real thing, red spinels make an outstanding alternative stone for your jewelry. According to the Gem Institute of America, many famous rubies throughout history actually turned out to be red spinel. If it’s close enough to ruby to fool emperors and royalty, it should be able to act as the perfect substitute in your jewelry. The GIA even states that red spinel birthed gemology through the process of differentiating this stone from ruby. In addition to its lookalike color, spinel acts as a soothing stone. Its red color enhances vitality in the wearers life, and who couldn’t use some of that? 

No heat ruby jewelry by Robert Procop

Overall, many stones with vibrant, rich shades of red exist for a fraction of the price of ruby. Depending on your price range and preferences, the right shade, cut, and clarity of a red gem exists for you. While rubies do hold a certain level of beauty and bragging rights, an extremely similar look can be achieved through stones in our list above. With this list, you can attain stunning color in your pieces while appreciating a gem you perhaps hadn’t known about before. 

If you’re looking to make the perfect custom piece within your price range, come visit us at Huntington Jewelers. We love colorful pieces and custom designing, so whether you want ruby or rhodolite, we can make it happen. We’re located at 7385 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 and our talented team is eager to make the piece of your dreams within your perfect budget.    

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