Meet the Designer: Alexandra Hart

Alexandra Hart’s love for jewelry design blossomed around second grade while creating macramé pieces and wearing her mom’s jewelry in unconventional ways. However, Hart believed her love of jewelry was just a phase that every little girl went through. It wasn’t until high school, where she began learning how to make pieces, that she discovered her interest in jewelry was more than just a phase. 


In college, Hart realized she could make a career out of her passion for jewelry design. The intensity of her love for the craft lead her to find a way to make it her full-time job. During her studies, Hart worked for a costume jewelry company and a goldsmith from Germany, sharpening her skills in jewelry design and actual creation. Following her time in graduate school, Hart started on her very own line in 1995. 

The idea of “non-jewelry” inspires Alexandra Hart’s pieces by looking outside of the typical designs of the jewelry world. Nature often drives her inspiration, evidenced through her different pieces. Hart borrows texture, idea, color, or any aspect that she feels “powerfully connected to” and claims it for her jewelry. The jewelry Hart creates represents a “conversation with nature” rather than a direct recreation of it.  


Hart’s inspiration from nature is not the only aspect of her work that sets her pieces apart. She also works to celebrate the material of every single item she creates. This “celebration” intentionally focuses on the metal in her pieces rather than the gems. While the gems are gorgeous, Hart prefers to emphasize textures created in the metal. The use of recycled metals also acts as an important element in Hart’s work. She prefers to use “gold that came from grandma’s old ring that has been melted down to be remade,” rather than letting it go to waste. As a self-proclaimed nature fanatic, Hart uses recycled material to make nature inspired jewelry, without destroying actual nature. Hart creates more sustainability of the jewelry industry by using recycled materials, proving her dedication to authenticity and honesty in her work.


Hart’s desire to improve the planet shows itself through not only her personal line, but through her work with Ethical Metalsmiths. Ethical Metalsmiths works to expose the dirtier side of the jewelry industry, encouraging different sides of the business to make a change for the better. Through Ethical Metalsmiths, more suppliers and retailers work towards transparency in their business practices. They focus on responsibility, traceability, and the origin of the jewelry. This focus creates more ethical and sustainable work throughout the jewelry world. Hart hopes Ethical Metalsmiths will continue to increase the trend of ethical business practices and create a better future for the entire industry. 


Hart’s passion for sustainability, nature, and the metals she works with obviously shines through in each piece she creates. She believes designing jewelry is a real privilege and finds delight in the fact that each piece she designs becomes an intimate part of someone’s life. She absolutely adores the human connection with individuals and the environmentally positive message created through her jewelry. 

To read more about Alexandra Hart and her brand, visit her blog here. Stop by Huntington Jewelers at 7385 W. Sahara Ave Suite 1 Las Vegas, NV 89117 to see Alexandra’s beautiful work in person.        

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